Point of No Return
Season 1 Episode 6
Background Information
Episode Number 7
Date October 14, 2014
Studio Penn Point Dance Acadmey
Studio Problems Finances
Dances Hip-Hop Group Routine
Hip-Hop Group Routine
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Point of No Return is the seventh episode of Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby heads to California to help build back up a family run studio. The episode will air on October 14, 2014


Abby heads to Penn Point Dance Academy in Bakersfield, CA to help a family-fun hip hop studio on the brink of financial ruin.


Penn Point Dance Acadmey is a Hip-Hop studio important to the community and a family business. Many kids are scholarshipped, but E-Baby, the owner, is losing money. Michelle sometimes lets kids get away with things and both have many feuds.

Also the studio is split in two groups, The Br*ts and The Girlfriends. Abby has the desire to help save the studio. Abby finds the first problem, lack of other classes. All the kids take Hip-Hop and very few take others.

E-baby lets the kids pass by and also some issues with Michelle's work. E-Baby also seems to have issues trusting other potential instructors.

Then, there is also the studio itself which is in such a horrible condition. The Moms are also right inside of the studio with no barrier. Abby talked with Michelle next, but then learned that E-Baby is a control freak and Michelle is good with public relations and sales.

Abby then heads to learn about the moms and learns of their split relations.

Abby can't do her normal dance assesment becuase they aren't trained in ballet and Abby isn't a skilled Hip-Hop teacher. Abby decided instead to do a dance off which helps her assessment. Abby assigns 2 groups, one of which who isn't choreographed by E-Baby, who doesn't take it lightly.

Erik comes in and knows how E-Baby feels but is off put by the kid's over the top facial expressions, that E-Baby taught all of them to do. E-Baby rehearses his number which is the Br*ts vs. The Girlfriends.



Penn Point Dance AcadmeyEdit


  • E-Baby
  • Michelle


After Abby's VisitEdit

Penn Point has enrolled 23 new students. E-baby has hired someone to run the front desk in an effort to promot Michelle's position within the studio. He has also hired two new teachers and let go of being the only choreographer.


  • This episode was initial going to air on October 7, 2014 is the 6th episode spot but was pushed back a week into the 7th episode spot. The episode that with air on October 7th is Battle of the Blondes.