Abby to the RescueEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Somebody Told Me Triple Threat Performing Arts Center
Mini Elite Dancers
Contemporary Somebody Told Me Cassandra Kubinski
Big Production Number Triple Threat Performing Arts Center
Entire Company
Big Production Unknown Unknown

Abby Meets Her MatchEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Solo West Coast Dance Theater
Contemporary/Lyrical The Journey Jason Tarver & Lucy Underhill & Marc Williams
Old School Jazz West Coast Dance Theater
The Girls
Jazz Right Now Anthony Sheehan
Make It Bang West Coast Dance Theater
Junior Hip-Hoppers
Hip-Hop Make It Bang Unknown

Delusions of Dance GrandeurEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Cadillac That's Showbiz
Fab Five Group Dance
Musical Theater Stretch Cadillac Levi Brown & Junior Mintz
Walk of Fame That's Showbiz/Abby Lee Dance Company
Ali, Mea and Mackenzie Trio
Jazz Walk of Fame Chloe Leighton
Laugh Out Loud Abby Lee Dance Company
Kendall, Maddie and Nia
Lyrical LOL The Kinnardlys

Legacy of LunacyEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Shine Dance Legacy
Mini Dancers Group
Lyrical She's Gonna Shine Wizardz of Oz feat. Kaci Brown
Taking Control Dance Legacy
Senior Dancers Group
Lyrical Contemporary Dandelion Dust Black Lips

Daughter DearestEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Bring on the Fire Eclipse Performing Arts
Mini Dancers Group
Contemporary Bring the Fire Raphael Lake
Cirque Eclipse Performing Arts
Entire Company
B0ig Production Live Right Now Raphael Lake & Ben Fisher
Goodbye Eclipse Performing Arts
Senior Dancers Group
Lyrical Wave Goodbye Mike Schmid

Battle of the BlondesEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Fly Krystal Beck Dance Company
Advanced Tap Class
Tap Unknown Unknown
The Beach Party Showdown: Blondes vs. Brunettes Krystal Beck Dance Company
Entire Company
Big Production I Know You Want Me Analogue Revolution

Point of No ReturnEdit

Routine Dancers Style Song Artist
Br*ts vs. Girlfriends Penn Point Dance Academy
Da Br*ts and the Girlfriends
Hip Hop Unknown Unknown
Halftime Performance Penn Point Dance Academy
Entire Company
Hip Hop Unknown Unknown