Legacy of Lunacy
Season 1, Episode 4 (originally 5)
Background Information
Episode Number 4(originally 5)
Date September 26, 2014
Studio Dance Legacy
Studio Problems Staff Drama
Dances Mini Lyrical Group
Senior Lyrical Contemporary Group
# of Viewers (in millions) TBA
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Legacy of Lunacy is the fifth episode of Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby must deal with a warring owner and daughter over their studio. The episode was supposed to air on July 22nd, 2014 but a program change from the previous week delayed it. The episode will finally air on September 23, 2014.


Abby heads to Dance Legacy in Indianapolis, Ind. where a studio owner is at war with her daughter over studio operations; Abby must help the mother and daughter come to terms.


Dance Legacy is in a disaster zone. Dawn took over a manager position but Donna blames her daughter for the ruin and loss of 15 kids. Adiditonally Dawn has been demanding the ownership over the studio. The money is down to the negative and the staff is falling apart. Abby arrives and has Dawn get Donna while she watches the kids, noticing some good technique. Abby brings them in and immmedtly notices the tension 

Owner's MeetingEdit

Abby meets with Donna, irratating Dawn that she was not called in being the Director. Donna quickly blames her daughter. After Dawn became pregnant on her daughter and then joined the studio. She also brought up how they had no money for promotion becuase Dawn bought props they never got the money for. Abby sees Dawn in the problem of the studio.

Abby returnes the next day in the middle of an argument between Dawn and Donna. Additionally Coach lets out a bunch of her rage on Veronica, a tumbling coach.

Studio InspectionEdit

Abby loves the large room but way to much props all over the floor.

Coach meetingEdit

Abby meets with a coach named Kray Kray. Kray believes that Dawn is good with older dancers and that the drama between Dawn and Donna is the main tension. Abby then meets with Veronica, the main anger for Coach. 

Dance AssessmentEdit

Abby checks out a dance assessement to make sure that the dancing she saw wasn't a fluke. Abby was impressed that the girls were good dancers and knew their terminology.


Abby brings in the Pyramid and asked Donna to make a pyramid on Dance Legacy. The bottom of the pyramid is Dawn. Then Coach is next for her explosive rage. Then it's Kray Kray for tardiness. Veronica is next for being lazy and unattentative. Then Maggie. The top is obviously Donna herself

Dawn then re aranges the pyramid and places herslef up at the top while her friends are next. 

Showcase assignmentsEdit

Kray Kray muct choreograph a routine for the minis with props. Dawn must make a creepy routine with the seniors

Dirctor meeting/Owner + Director meetingEdit

Dawn want's to run the buisness and Abby tells her to make some decisions. Unltimatly Abby says that she has to buy Donna out. Abby knows Donna has simply rushed in and saved Dawn everytime something has been happening and then shoves it down Donna's throat.

The next day arirves and Abby meets with both Dawn and Donna. Abby says that Dawn must get rid of her firends as teachers. Abby tells Donna that she wants power, which she disagrees to. Abby asks Donna to sign over Dance Legacy to Dawn

Studio MakeoverEdit

Everyone arrives the next day. The reception room has been given a new Black and Blue color design. Then the main studio was given new barres.


Everyone continues rehearsals. Dawn makes a fairy tale routine based on her relationship with her mother. Dawn calls over Kray Kray for a meeting and then warns her never to be late ever again. She also warns Verionica. Then she hears Coach and the moms fighting. Dawn gives her a stern talk that she can leave when she wants. Donna stops Coach from leaving and they talk it out


Dawn takes over as the MC for the showcase. The minis are first and Abby liked the routine. Dawn's routine is next and she is nervous as Donna is portrayed quite negatively.

Abby is confident from the dances that there will be new kids. Donna apologizes to Dawn for how controling she is and the two reconcil. Donna reveals she is ready to give the buisness to Dawn.



Dance LegacyEdit


  • Donna Bandy White


  • Dawn Bandy Dale


  • Coach (Office Manager)
  • Veronica (Tumbling Instructor)
  • Kray Kray (Kristine)


  • Eden
  • Dealynn (Dawn's daughter)


  • Lori (Eden's Mom)
  • Maggie

After Abby's VisitEdit

After Abby's Visit, Donna left the studio and the relationship between Dawn and Donna is better then ever. Coach leaves at 3:30 to minimize contact with customers. Veronica is no longer sleeping in class while Kray Kray is working on her tardiness.


  • The episode was supposed to air on July 22nd but an unexpected program change on July 8th occured (pushing back Daughter Dearest). 
  • The episode was originally 5th in the episode line up but was moved to 4th for some reason.
  • Dawn was seen judging in Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 3 at Believe National Talent Competition, Columbus, Ohio, October 19 2014.
  • For the first time in the series, one of the primary problems wasn't related to the dancing
    • Triple Threat lacked Technique
    • West Coast Dance Theater's choreography was outdated
    • That's Showbiz chreography was to young for the kids age