Delusions of Dance Grandeur
Season 1, Episode 3 (originally 4)
Background Information
Episode Number 3 (originally 4)
Date September 16, 2014
Studio That's Showbiz
Studio Problems Choreography
Dances Musical Theater Group
Jazz Trio
Lyrical Trio
# of Viewers (in millions) TBA
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Delusions of Dance Grandeur is the third episode of Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby heads to Conneticut in order to deal with a owner in denial with the help of her beloved ALDC dancers. The episode was supposed air on July 15th, 2014 but a program change from the previous week delayed it. The episode will finally air on September 16, 2014


Abby visitis a dance studio in Shelton, Conn., where she finds the owner is in complete denial about the studio's problems. Abby brings in Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, and Nia to show the owner the error of her ways.


Owner's Meeting

Abby meets with Debbie in her messy office and gets suspicious that she accuses the Landlord for her money troubles instead of her lack of students

Studio Inspection

Abby checks out the studip space. She criticizes the tiles, the left out cleaning supplies, painted walls, acro mats, posters, and many other things. 

Studio Moms Meeting

Abby meets with the moms. Abby asks about the cost. Only 1 class a week for a month is $60. The moms reveal that the money goes in and Debbie does something else with it. 

Dance Assessment

Abby looks at rehearsal while Debbie shows them how to do everything, which irratates Abby. Abby then questions the kids on the dance positions for Jazz. Abby then quizes Debbie using a test her Junior Elite Team. Debbie is irrated by the teaching.

Abby pulls everyone in and assigns a group routine and a duet.


Abby joins in rehearsals. Debbie doesn't want Abby stepping in on her choreography. After a few battles between Debibie and Abby, Abby brings in Jennine and Gianna, two of her teachers at the ALDC. Then Abby shocks everyone with Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, and Nia. Maddie, Kendall, and Nia will perform in the showcase. Abby then demonstates how quickly they learned the routine. Abby then watches the duet and adds Mackenzie.

Landlord Meeting and Owner Meeting 2

Abby decides to meet with the so called "nasty landlord" however he seems like a plesent man. He reveals he has lowered the rent numerous times for Debbie and wishes she can stay.

Then Abby reunits with Debbie but it turns out the rent has been constantly lowered for Debbie and that he is owed $10,000. Abby confronts her on how she is taking the money since she makes $3,600 a month and only owes $1,600 a month but can never pay for it. Debbie admits she owns a BMW and shops.

Studio Reveal

Abby is reluctant to reveal the studio becuase of Debbie but ultimaty does a make over for the kids.

Everyone is stunned with the increibdle new make over including new walls and new floors. Also some new gymnastic mats and barres are added into the studio.

Debbie aplogizes to Abby but Abby is still so confused if she can believe her. Abby then forces her to pre-date several checks to her landlord to be payed ontime. 

Studio Showcase

The showcase has arrived. Maddie, Nia, and Kendall perform first and nail it. Next it's time for the That's Showbiz groups routine. Abby didn't think the fab 5 was all fab but they were entertaining. Then it's time for the trio, which ultimate was great.



That's Showbiz


  • Debbie Donovan



  • Mea Grant
  • Julianna DeBrum
  • Ali Falotico
  • Will
  • Alexa


  • Deanna Grant
  • Kathleen DeBrum
  • Jennifer Falotico

After Abby's Visit

Debbie ended up canceling the checks Abby made her write to the landlord. He is currently trying to evict her. Debbie still drives her BMW.

Reportedly, Debbie moved That's Showbiz to a new location. Additionaly, Debbie refutes any negative facts made on the show.


  • This is the first episode to feature ALDC dancers.
  • The episode was supposed to air on July 15th but an unexpected program change on July 8th occured (pushing back Daughter Dearest).
  • This episode was 4th in the original line up but was for some reason moved to 3rd in the line up
  • Jill can be seen in the audience during the showcase.