Daughter Dearest
Season 1 Episode 5 (originally 3)
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Episode Number 5 (originally 3)
Date September 30, 2014
Studio Eclipse Performing Arts Center
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Losing Students
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Daughter Dearest is the third episode of Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby heads down to Indiana to deal with a dance studio where the owner's focus isn't on the other dancers, but her own daughter. The episode was supposed to air on July 8th, 2014 but a unexpected program change occured and was supposed to air on July 15th. The episode will finally air on September 30, 2014


Abby visits a dance studio in Indiana, where the owner is neglecting the other kids to focus on her own daughter.


Eclipse is run by Michelle, a Dance Mom. They have a beautiful facility and great students but they lost money and dancers. Michelle is too absorbed in her own daughter, Kennedy. The moms don't like it and threaten to leave. Kennedy wants to be a professional ballerina and go off to a company but her family is keeping her at Eclipse for various reasons. The staff also feels like Michelle isn't strict enough and is giving away free lessons. Abby then arrives and Abby watches the kids do a really good job with technique. 

Abby meets with Michelle and asks her what the problem is and Abby points out that Kennedy is the center of Michelle's attention. Kennedy is currently at a great ballet school but returns for the team. Abby points out that Kennedy should already be dancing full-time at the school. Then Michelle reveals she loses $2,000-$3,000 a month in scholarship money but also with all the free lessons. Abby reveals Michelle has let kids take classes free and take scholarships at her own studio but she needed the money and warns Michelle she needs to get money herself

Studio InspecitionEdit

Abby arrives the next day beeping her car as Michelle has no sign on the front of her business. Then they arrive and check out all her cluttered merchendise. The dressing room isn't so great, either, but the rest of the studio is great.

Abby demands that she know who owes money. Abby has Michelle write down how much she is owed and who owes. 

Dance AsessmentEdit

Abby has the girls lined up and pulls out the seniors and asseses their dancing. Then she checks out the mini, even saying they rival the ALDC. 

Abby then begins to give out assignments for the upcoming showcase. Minis are getting a routine, then a production number without Kennedy, and finally a senior group. The song is called "Goodbye" and is to hopefully get Kennedy out of Eclipse and into that ballet school full time

Abby comes in and finds that Jordyn is just as attached to Kennedy as Michelle is. Abby then digs deeper and believes that Jordyn wants it and is jelous of Kennedy. Jordyn does admit it eventually.

Studio MakeoverEdit

Abby loved the studio and simply edited the dressing room and front room while adding little touches to the studio and a sign. 

Abby takes her back to the front room and tells her to demand her money which is what she gets quickly from nice and understanding customers.

Kennedy and Jordyn argue in a room as Jordyn still wants Kennedy to remain at home instead of at the new ballet school.


The showcase has finally arrived and all the numbers go smoothly. At the end of the number, Abby asks Michelle if she is ready to say goodbye to Kennedy and she reveals she is ready.



Eclipse Performing ArtsEdit


  • Michele' Brown


  • Jordan Brown -technique, ballet and competition
  • Tina Zulich- ballet, contemporary, tap, competition
  • Jenna Perry Roberts- lyrical, ballet, competition
  • Shannon Williams- jazz, turns and leaps, lyrical, competition
  • Hunter Brown - jazz
  • Tara Drew- contemporary, ballet, jazz, competition
  • Amity McKiddy - jazz, contemporary, and tap, competition


  • Carolyn Boxum
  • Holly Heldt
  • Kaci King
  • Teagan Wheeling 
  • Kennedy Brown
  • Mia Bauer


  • Amy Bauer- Mia's mom
  • Linda Boxum- Carolyn's mom
  • Jill Heldt- Holly's mom
  • Julie King- Kaci's mom
  • Alyssa Wheeling - Teagan's mom

After Abby's VisitEdit

Michele feels like after dealing with Abby for a week, she can pretty much handle anything. Not only has Michele collected payments, but she has recived a paycheck for the last couple of months as well. Kennedy is now a full time resident at a professional ballet training program in Arizona.


  • This episode was intended to air on July 8th, 2014 however a program change occured and it was moved to July 15th. Then the episode did not air again on July 15th. 
  • This episode was originally supposed to be the 3rd episode but for unknown reasons was moved and became the 6th episode.
  • The studio by far has had the least problems on the show compared to the other episodes.
  • The groups costume for "Goodbye" are excpetionally similar to the costume sworm by the ALDC for their routine "Open Waters"