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Dance Moms star, Abby Lee Miller is on the road, looking to transform dance studios on the brink of disaster in the all-new series, "Abby's Studio Rescue." Each week Abby dishes tough love and her no-nonsense advice while giving dance studios a second chance to finally bring home the gold. Abby gives each studio a head-to-toe overhaul of their business before their doors are forced to shut forever. Whether it's fine tuning choreography, finding the right staff, scheduling classes, tweaking dances, dealing with overbearing moms, or even renovating the studio space, "Abby's Studio Rescue" will help them all raise the bar. Abby's Studio Rescue is set to premier on June 24, 2014 at 9Pm ET/PT. Abby's Studio Rescue will run for 7 hour-long episodes. Read More...

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