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Abby's Studio Rescue is a television program by Collins Avenue Productions. The program stars Dance Moms personality Abby Lee Miller as she travels all acoss the United States to help failing Dance Studios. Abby will have 4 days to renovate the studio space, refine choreography, fix staff problems, and change the owner's ways. The series was confirmed on March 6th, 2014 by Abby and began airing on June 24th, 2014.

The series suddenly failed to air it's third episode on the original July 8, 2014 air date. The fate of the series was tossed into the air for months before the series resumed airing under the title Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue.


Abby's Studio Rescue breaks down Abby's visit into the following segments

Owner MeetingEdit

  • Abby meets with the owner of the studio to get an overall view of the problem.

Dance Assessement/ AssignmentsEdit

  • Abby check out the dancers ability. Abby gathers the dancers and moms. Abby asks the dancers to execute a variety of dance moves to see how well they were trained. Additionally, Abby gives everyone dance assignments for the showcase.

Studio InspectionEdit

  • Abby looks around the studio space. Abby looks out for any problems with the studio from electrical problems to the studio space itself.

Studio Moms MeetingEdit

  • Abby meets with the moms in order to get more dirt on the studio and the owner.

Owner Follow-UpEdit

  • Abby re-meets with the owner to inform the owner everything she has discovered about the studio


  • Abby looks over the dancers rehearsals.

Studio RevealEdit

  • The studio make-over is revealed.


  • The studio performs it's showcase. Typically 2 routines are shown but more are performed off screen


  • At the end credits, a quick follow up is revealed. It primarily focuses on how the owner is doing.

Season 1 Edit

Please see the Episode Guide for more information on the Season 1 Episodes.

Rumors of Cancellation and Name ChangeEdit

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Original Logo

On July 8th, 2014; the episode Daughter Dearest failed to air on Lifetime. Many believed the program simply moved to the next week but once again it did no air on July 15th. Many wondered what was going on and not many answers have been released. The main believe is that the show was cancelled due to low ratings, which could be caused by potential boycotts by fans of Dance Moms.

A representative for the show claimed the show would air remaining episodes later in the year. Nothing has been heard from Abby yet however it should be noted she hasn't promoted ASU during it's pivotal Pilot Season.


Re-branded Logo

However the series finally resumed but moved Daughter Dearest to 5th in the line-up instead of the original 3rd. The series was re-branded as Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue and airs at 8:00 Pm on Tusedays before the new episode of Dance Moms premires.